Sentence Improvement MCQ Set 1

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Sentence Improvement MCQ

Sentence Improvement Quiz Set - 1

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The mic I bought recently is not convenient.

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I hope you vividly remember the premier of the movie when I, my wife and you were present in the hall.

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All of us should be bound by a code of conduct, isn’t it ?

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My opinion for the movie is that it will bag the national award.

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The Principal of the school broke away the meeting as it turned violent.

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When it was dark we decided to put at an inn.

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With a thundering roar the huge rocket soared up from the launching pad on the coast.

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I am tired as I am working since 8 O’ clock in the morning.

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What are needed are not big cars but small cars.

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I have never been hearing from her since she left for Canada.

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